About The Apostle



Apostle Roosevelt F. Richard is a native of Denver, Colorado, and a graduate of Aurora Central High School. During that time, he served as a deacon and youth minister under Pastor James L. Shelton of Community Church of God in Christ for ten years with the teaching of sound doctrine and believing in the Holy Spirit. Serve the United States Army as a professional solider for eight years, leaving the church with no relationship with God. In fighting the war in Desert Storm, that is when he had a visitation from the Lord. The Lord stated that “before you leave this earth you will give me the Glory.” It was expected that the United States Army was so supposed to lose 5000 soldiers during this war, the Lord protected us and me from all harm and danger. There are two races we will run, the race to run away from God or the race to run/return back to God. I was running away from my calling and from the Lord. Then, I had become a professional teacher in the classroom for twenty years believing that all children can learn and was still running from my calling. One night when I was a sleep, the Lord visited me again in a vision telling me it was time to forsake the pleasures of this world and to make a decision to become one of his disciples, now. Forsaking a life torn by sin and destruction, I received my calling into the ministry and restoring my relationship with God in June of 2003. I served as a minister under Apostle G. Blue, The Body of Christ Church International, Columbus, Georgia for five years. By a vision and the word of God, in August of 2006, the Secret Place of the Most High was officially launched and was found by Pastor R.F. Richard. God called and chosen Pastor R.F. Richard out of his mother’s womb to preach the gospel, lead others to discipleship, by healing and deliverance of lives and committed to advance the Kingdom of God. During that time Pastor R.F. Richard pursued a Master of Arts of Biblical Studies and Theology, Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, a Master’s in Education and Specialist in Education. Also, oversee and care for the prayer team in their ministry of prayer and intercession for the church, community, and worship services. I was so excited to become a servant for the Lord and has served in the Kingdom of God ministry for almost eighteen years. Roosevelt F. Richard is a Bishop, Pastor, Teacher, author, song writer and a praise and worshiper leader creating an environment of praise and worship that allows maximum freedom. In June of 2013, almost falling into depression or oppression because the loss of my mother. 

God gave me a new beginning and for the ministry a vision and assignment to move from Georgia to Texas, to start the ministry in Franklin Texas. So, with a vision from God to build a new church in 2017. Then relaunched and build another church in July 2019 after a tornado destroyed the original church. Also, he pursues spiritual growth––seeks to strengthen personal relationship with God in Christ through prayer, study, spiritual discipline, and participation in the community of faith; grows in faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. Now he is an Apostle/minister under the leadership of Chief Apostle Milton Gooden, The New Testament Church of Jesus Christ Pentecostal Inc. God also gave me the revelation of “We speak by Faith, We live by Faith, and We walk by Faith.” The new name of the ministry is called the Secret Place Family Worship Center. I was called and chosen by God to operate/manifest in the Five-Fold Ministry. 

I am married to Co-Pastor Vanessa Richard for twenty-nine years and has one beautiful daughter Chandler K. Richard. Roosevelt and Vanessa make their home in Bryan Texas. I pray that everyone enjoys reading my book and that it blesses you Richly!